Friday, February 10, 2012

and so it 1...

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That time of year has come along again.
Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.
Fall is so much bigger than the spring shows too! GAHH I wish I could be involved in the magic once again. The simple air was a breath of excitement, the streets were filled with crazy cool people, and the betsey lovin behind the scenes were outta sight. Until I finally make my way back to the big apple, I will have to enjoy via and live streaming shows.

So favorites include Tadashi Shoji and Kelly Wearstler.
I have not yet introduced myself to the Kelly Wearstler world, but I will now be following every move. The style of this show completely describes my being. The bright colors paired with the girly frills paired with the punk details...all me. I can barely handle the greatness that is Kelly Wearstler fall 2012. The use of grommets in unexpected places, the printed tees looking like leather, the skinnies in amazing colors and patterns [see final image above] the dip-dying, the moto jackets, the mixed big prints, the socks with heels, the BLAH BLAH BLAH...i could go ON AND ON. This collection is the epitome of my self described style.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Now what?...

I'm currently at loss for action. Just graduated college. Don't have a "real job" yet (aka design job/I do actually work full time at Betsey j MOA now) WHAT DO I DO?
Well, I start by painting a wall in my room. It's like a new start. Throw all the junk, I feel like I may be a bit of a hoarder, so I need to really nip that habit in the bud...
My life will be unperfectly perfect because I will be the one to go after what I want until it is achieved.
Keep believing babes...


Saturday, October 15, 2011

tits & ass...FINALLY...

Yep, not just trying to be innappropriate here, this was the theme for the Spring 2012 Betsey Johnson fashion show. of which, I had the AMAZING opportunity to be a part of.

Words really can't describe my experience.
This was really a dream come true.

I have wanted to go to fashion week since I can remember, but really about fourth grade is when I first remember my calling to fashion happening; reading Seventeen, Teen People, and any other magazine I could get my hands on. Even reading the letters to the editor and at one time getting upset at one in Teen magazine calling out 'non-teens' for reading the magazinve, I was so angry that I responded with my own letter saying how we care about fashion too, I was ten.

My adventure began this summer at my incredible internship at Betsey Johnson and further continued upon my journey back to New York City on Fashion's Night Out, September 8th, 2011.

It began with a rough start...after getting about four hours of sleep due to the best blink 182 concert I have ever been to the previous night, I awoke to a phone call from the airlines saying that my flight was cancelled. Wait...what?!...good thing my mom got the same call, and immediately made a call to someone at the airport. So, I was off again, no layover in Milwaukee only to fly to Newark for me, my mom worked her magic and got me a new flight straight through to La Guardia. Once I got to the airport, everything was going smoothly, as this was my first time flying by myself (yes I am now a grown up, but still....) Then...delay...dumb...we were assured that it would only be a half hour delay, however this delay took an hour. Finally, on the plane. No such luck. 'Ok everyone, time to get off the plane, it seems there was a lightening strike to the plane, making it unsafe to fly, we need to switch to another plane in another terminal.' really? Good thing this new plane was across the entire Minneapolis/St Paul International airport.
Finally. Landed in good old NYC, many hours after first expected.
It was thursday night. Fashions Night Out. The third year of this wonderful celebration. Wonderful is the least that I can say about the night. We went out in the Meatpack District in NYC... first stop?...some weird middle of the street carnival type set up for Pop Chips. Pretty legit. Second stop?...Matthew Williamson...the store was incredible. Knits were incredible. Free drinks, but no time to wait in the line, so we wandered on...Third stop?...craziness on the street..everyone was so well dressed I only wish I had an amazzing camera to capture it all! We wandered past the 'invite only' places like McQueen and Tory Burch... Making our way towards Scoop, we rounded the corner to be greeted by a large crowd of people gathering around some dancers and Zac Posen! It was pretty cool to watch, if you could actually see, which we really couldnt, so I gave up and once I turned around I was standing by none other than Bam Margera, what do ya know... should have asked to snap a pic... The night wound down with some more awesome stores, some more free drinks, and a legit ride on the barbie bus...

Friday was back to Betsey. I. Could. Not. Wait.
I stopped at the best bagel place in the world on my way into work! far the good... its called Bagels and Coffee. Once finally at work I did the usual, hang out in caitlin's new office :) met all of the new interns who seem like pretty great people :) and caught up with the designers and every other lovely at Betsey :) I love this place.
The day was full of model fittings, getting garments ready, running errands, and everything and anything else. It was a late night...the whole weekend was late nights...Saturday was great again, more of the same craziness, making dresser kits, staying late and drinking beverages, making gift bags... Sunday, again, awesome, again more of the same stuff, along with Betsey practicing her dance for the end of the show which was absolutely amazing, also Lulu's fitting, and model card making was in store for us.


Show day.


it was full of running around, then making our way to the tents at Lincoln Center!! I was assigned to be a dresser, so, dressing models was my forte for the day. We began set up by putting up awesome signs and hanging ten million balloons! Once the models started arriving, we had to get them to Betsey to get their legs painted! It was kind of a whirlwind of six hours, finally it was about to be showtime and AHH Stef needed some thread and needles and help for Char trying to make hats stay on heads! We were trying to make these about 5 lb caps stay on heads with hair combs, well they wouldnt stay. Panic was now setting in. Show time was in about 15 minutes. Freaking out setting in. Talking was all yells. Peter Gray, the man in charge of the hair, in charge of Redken, finally came to our rescue! Elastic! He had some, we tied it to go around the models heads and boom. worked. Well hopefully.
Show time. Line up time. Crazy time.
Ten minutes and it was time for the finale looks, with the caps. They were going on fine, I was putting them on models heads as they were in line since the hair helpers seemed to have no idea what was going on with the caps they were supposed to be putting on, fiinally last look, it wasnt happening. The cap wasnt staying. AH...Peter pulled it off the second the model was walking onto the runway. The last cap didnt make it....but the show was AHHHHMAZING!
Time of my life.
So incredibly surreal.
Then I saw the stars, literally, they came to say hello backstage, Nicki Minaj among them...
Then after partayy :)
The night was grand. The five and a half days back in New York were grand.
Pure happiness.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

bloody abashful...

Busy bee. Busy is me.
Oh dear, I have become a horrible excuse for a blogger, I just feel like there is no time in the day anymore! project upon art project plus sewing projects plus that thing called Two more months. I can do it :)
...last photo = my father circa 1983(ish) aka college...


Monday, September 12, 2011


It's been crrrrrazay since I arrived to NYC for the amazingness that is called fashion week...13 hour days, ass and titties dances, coffee, more coffee, go fish with undies, sacko, scented hair extensions, sour patch kids, and much much more......

Thursday, September 8, 2011

We'll stagger home after midnight...

(^matt & chemical romance...blink 182!)

Some festivities before fashion week...BLINK CONCERT!!
Once again...amazing. I guess the third time really is a charm.
We first bought our tickets this summer when blink had a great 20 dollar ticket rush sale for 182 minutes..although we knew the seats would probably kinda suck, it was really the only way I could go due to my amazing summer internship and it's financial disabling abilities...
I had really not given as much excitement to thus event as usual because of fashion week, but the day of the show I could barely contain myself almost running home from class too excited to get in my car and drive home. Whole driving...I won tickets...on twitter!..however still unsure how...
We decided to sit at whichever set of tickets were the best of course..and the free tickets which were given to me by famoussas were SO GREAT...sad we couldn't be on the floor being all sweaty, hot, and rowdy..but at least these tickets were the next best thing! And the guys we got the tickets from were pretty cool too...
Needless to say, they put on a great show once again and even though it wasn't a sold out crowd and I highly disagree with 99% of the show review in the St. Paul pioneer press, they rocked it and give them a break...the show was on a wednesday in the first days of a new school year!

...soon to be in New York for MB Fashion Week...


Monday, September 5, 2011

ohhh im terrible...

Betsey's show invite T & A
 Can't wait to be back with this shorty ;)
I miss them!

Well I do have this big long awesome post that I've been thinking up since my last week in New York, which was now almost four weeks ago...but I have just been soooo busy with school and with all of my commitments here that I will find time soon to conclude my NYC summer :)

However, this week, I GET TO GO BACK TO THE SHOWROOM!!! I will be skipping classes from Thursday through Tuesday to go back to NYC and help out with the s/s 2012 fashion show!!!!! AHHH!!
As you may be able to tell, I am quite excited...

The work on the show began around August 1st, when they began talking about the theme for the show! It has been amazing, begin thinking of Brigitte Bardot and the French farm culture.... and I cannot wait to see everything come together! And I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful people at the showroom again!